Friday, March 16, 2018

Onirik - Casket Dream Veneration (2015)

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Onirik - Songs for the Apocalipse (2005)

The latest LP from one of Portugal's best. Casket Dream Veneration finds Onirik fleshing out their sound while honing in on some of their most compelling qualities, crafting a sequence of midtempo aural rituals marked by sickening, dissonant melodies, haunting clean vocals, and hypnotic compositional consistency.

Track listing:
1. Requiem for a Profane Liberation
2. Invocation & Defiance
3. Reverent to the Flames
4. Casket Dream Veneration
5. Ascension & Descent
6. I Am Him But He Is Not Me
7. Disputant by Enlightenment
8. Versos De Um Ritual

Illusions that melt within the clouds

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Roxanne Jean Polise - I'm in the Medicine Cabinet (2004)

Woozy, narcotized dark ambient/drone by Chicagoan artist Roxanne Jean Polise. Creepy but oddly comforting -- like coming to surrounded by ghosts, only to realize that you're one of them. Free/name your price via the bandcamp of her previous band, Warmth.

Track listing:
1. Gently to the Cradle
2. We'll All Feel Better Soon
3. Stop Drugging Our Water and Let Us Sink Faster
4. I'm in the Medicine Cabinet

Debbie downer

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stormcrow - Enslaved in Darkness (2005)

US metallic crust. One of the heaviest crust bands of all time, hands-down. Whole lotta Bolt Thrower influence here, but smellier.

Track listing:
1. Enslaved in Darkness
2. Anguished Existence
3. Unwilling to Forgive
4. Baleful Conception
5. New Messiah

A new black death

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Roger Powell - Cosmic Furnace (1973)

Todd Rundgren - Initiation (1975)

Energetic, jazz-tinted synth jams from Roger Powell, who's perhaps best known as a member of Todd Rundgren's Utopia. A true synth pioneer, Powell mastered the art of using the synthesizer to mimic the sounds of other instruments, such as guitar, saxophone, and flute.

Track listing:
1. Ictus (The Primordial Pulse)
2. Lumia (Dance of the Nebulae)
3. Fourneau Cosmique (The Alchemical Furnace of Cleopatra)
4. Hermetic Enigma (The Fixed Volatile (The Answer Is But Another Riddle))
5. Queene Enfineska (Serenity of the Lion in Summer)
6. Tensegrity (A Dymaxion Triptych)

Emergency splashdown

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Those Who Bring the Torture - Those Who Bring the Torture (2007)

Crushingly heavy, grind-infused Swedeath decimation. Short, precise, riff-packed songs that'll have you slaughtering your neighbors in no time. Pretty much a tour de force of kickass riffs, with some quasi-d-beat parts for good measure.

Track listing:
1. An Affair of Entrails (In a Filthy Liaison with Disgust)
2. Murdered Thrice
3. Filth Bag
4. Drudgery at the Graveyard
5. Chains and Saws and Chainsaws
6. Death Came as a Friend to Them
7. Professionally Curing the Disease
8. Defiling the Carcass
9. Skeletal Cage
10. Prone to Penetrate Pus
11. Distaste for Ordinary Scum
12. Never Too Cold for Carnage
13. Drilled with a Jackhammer
14. Banquet of the Grotesque
15. Shriek (Like the Pig You Are)
16. Sickened Skin Infestation
17. Inducing Abomination - Reciding in Dirt

Under the surface I lay dreaming
In a spew-infested hell

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Marble Sheep & the Run Down Sun's Children - Old from New Heads (1993)

Way far-out Japanese psych. Raw live and studio recordings of dense, structureless acid jams. Obscured, propulsive percussion, a haze of static-y guitars, and a dude shout-singing in the eye of the storm.

Track listing:
1. Ancient Wind (Studio Demo)
2. Ancient Wind (Live)
3. Space Earth Calling (Live)
4. Cement Woman (Live)

For demolition of a spiritual framework

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Bleeding Black - Personal Hell (2003)

Orenda - Back in the Grave (2006)
Orenda - The Funeral (2007)

Bulgarian black metal. Distorted shrieks over warped guitar playing and chaotic drumming. I want to say it's DSBM, but it's not so much depressing as it is just fucking unhinged.

Track listing:
1. Les Corbeaux
2. Les Voiles Noires
3. Invoking Memories
4. L'Espirit de la Solitude
5. To Eternal Rest
6. Posthume
7. The Oblation
8. Deadly Whisper

Mothers lick the blood-red bodies of their sons

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Våndans Genealogi

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Alchemyst - Nekromanteion (2012)

Occult German black/death metal. Grainy organ, hoarse vocals, weird, dissonant riffs, and a shroud of reverb hanging over everything. A severely under-appreciated record.

Track listing:
1. Pulse of Tartaros
2. House of Aides (Nekromanteion Pt. I)
3. Rites of the Holy Hill
4. The Inner Fire
5. Kharon (Nekromanteion Pt. II)
6. Circle of Elements
7. Okkvltista
8. A Cave of Trees
9. Temple of Medusa
10. Oracle of the Dead (Nekromanteion Pt. III)

Energy from sphere

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The Chrome Cranks - Dead Cool (1994)

Creepy, tense garage-punk-blues. You know how The Cramps are great, but bands that are influenced by them usually suck? These guys are an exception to that rule.

Track listing:
1. Dead Cool
2. Desperate Friend
3. Way-Out Lover
4. Down So Low
5. Bloodshot Eye
6. Nightmare in Pink
7. Shine It On
8. Burn Baby Burn

You're so dead

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mystic Forest - Welcome Back in the Forest (2002)

Beautiful, longing French black metal. Phenomenal melodic guitar work balanced out by distorted howls, frantic tempos, and blown-out production. Sadly, the mastermind of this project committed suicide in 2015.

Track listing:
1. Welcome Back in the Forest
2. Ô Belle Maudite
3. Sous la Majesté Céleste
4. La Dame Verte
5. Requiem on Waltz
6. Une Valse avec la Mort
7. Genèse de Glace
8. La Tristesse d'une Pluie d'Automne
9. Mes Songes Décimés
10. Braver les Ombres
11. Le Sourire de la Nymphe
12. Pour Enfin Libérer Ma Vie
13. Requiem Lunaire

I'm walking on my grave
The flowers are so pretty in the wind

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Lungfish - Artificial Horizon (1998)

Lungfish are one of the greatest, most singular bands ever to come out of my hometown of Baltimore, MD. Zen-like post-hardcore guitar mantras, mellowed out and slowed down to a crawl, with a hallucinating, nihilistic oracle for a vocalist. Artificial Horizon served as my introduction to Lungfish, and contains some of their best songs, so I'm sure it'll do the trick for the uninitiated among you.

Track listing:
1. Black Helicopters
2. Oppress Yourself
3. Amnesiac
4. Love Will Ruin Your Mind
5. Ann the Word
6. Slip of Existence
7. Free State
8. Truth Cult
9. Shed the World
10. Pray for the Living
11. Light for All

I walked alone, a public path
And I observed the birds taking a bath
They sung in code, but the message clear
"Don't shun the world. Shed it."

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Torture Chain - Mutilating Astral Entities (2013)

Stellar US raw black metal. Epic songs full of killer riffs, ripping, harmonized solos, and energetic performances all-around. Torture Chain is a solo project, so I'm guessing they don't play live, which is probably for the best because if they did, they'd probably level the venue.

Track listing:
1. Ingressus
2. War on the Final Road North
3. A Thousand Hungry Red Eyes
4. Transitus
5. Mutilating Astral Entities
6. Totentanz
7. Aeternitas

Time is but a doorway to the incinerator

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Nethervoid -
Sirens of the Blistering Light (2008)
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Autem Veteris Serpentis

Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis / Pithoprakta / Eonta (1965)

Unsettling modern classical from Greek-French composer Iannis Xenakis. From creeping pizzicato flurries to shrieking walls of dissonance, these anxious, cacophonous pieces wouldn't sound at all out of place soundtracking an artfully-made slasher flick.

Track listing:
1. Metastasis
2. Pithoprakta
3. Eonta

You really scared me, you know

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Organized Sports - I'm So Proud of Him (2011)

Antisocial PDX hardcore. They take their name from a Void song, and that's pretty much all the description you need.

Track listing:
1. So Proud of Him
2. Downer
3. Locked In
4. Lash Out
5. Cut/Run
6. Entertain Me
7. Feebs
8. Thanks!
9. Sweet Chin Music

My wife and I have a kid
That we're so proud of
We're so proud
We got married and had a kid

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Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul - Chrome Lips (2012)

NYC rapper Haleek Maul sifts through drug abuse, paranoia, and demons -- both inner and literal -- over sinister, atmospheric yet claustrophobic beats. Putting this on is a great way to make your high turn on you.

Track listing:
1. Ulrik
2. The Dummy (feat. Deniro Farrar)
3. Chrome Lips
4. Guilty
5. Roll w/Me (feat. Tree & Wiseblood)
6. Come with Me (feat. Jimmy 91sex)
7. M00N
8. Simon Sayz (feat. Showyousuck)
9. Exe (Skit)
10. Testify (feat. Kool AD & Shady Blaze)
11. Smoke Tires (The Burnout) (feat. Issue)
12. Nitemare Kush (feat. MondreM.A.N. & Yen Tech)
13. Yurple Von Sherm (feat. Diamond Antoinette)
14. Ball (feat. Tree)
15. Hoverboard (feat. Squadda B)
16. Jupiter
17. N.G.E.

My dad used to shoot dope
Higher learning

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