Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Clear Horizon - Clear Horizon (2003)

Flying Saucer Attack - Flying Saucer Attack (1993)
Flying Saucer Attack - Further (1995)
Jessica Bailiff - Hour of the Trace (1999)
Northern Song Dynasty - Northern Song Dynasty (2002)
Synrinx & Jessica Bailiff - Fear of the Red Admirals (2011)

Entrancing, ambient psych folk/space rock. Clear Horizon was a one-off collaboration between Jessica Bailiff and Dave Pearce of Flying Saucer Attack, and that's exactly what it sounds like.

Track listing:
1. Watching the Sea
2. Death's Dance
3. For Days
4. Sunrise Drift
5. Millenium Blues
6. Distortion Song
7. A Child's Eyes
8. Dusk
9. Open Road

You were so close

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Bastard Wind (2003)
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kraanium - Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity (2008)

Gross Norwegian brutal death metal. I've been listening to hella offensive brutal DM lately, and have been thinking: with members of so many relatively inoffensive bands getting outed for committing deplorable acts IRL -- Inquisition, Young and in the Way, Seven Sisters of Sleep -- I just can't get upset about offensive content in metal right now. Obviously, misogyny, transphobia, and the like are all fucked no matter how they are manifested, but against a backdrop of actual child porn and sexual assault, ignorant torture metal just doesn't seem so bad.

Track listing:
1. Stench of Putrid Innards
2. Perverted Sensation
3. Rectal Disembowelment
4. Midget Fucker
5. Zombified Infanticide
6. Pentagrandma
7. Excremental Maniac
8. Human Flesh Devourment
9. Shemale Throatfuck
10. Double Barrel Penetration
11. Horrendous Torture

Munching on the brain of your newborn child

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Gonorrhea Node Mastication (2012)
Extermination Dismemberment -
Serial Urbicide (2013)

Kraan - Wintrup (1973)

German krautrock/jazz-rock. Jerky rhythms with their own sense of off-kilter groove, and some gleefully bizarre, almost Mike Patton-esque vocals.

Track listing:
1. Silver Wings
2. Mind Quake
3. Backs
4. Gut und Richtig
5. Wintrup
6. Jack Steam

Son of the sun

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Present from Nancy (1970)
Grobschnitt -
Solar Music - Live (1978)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mordaehoth – Bloedwraak - Verdoem Al 't Christelijk Leven (2003)

Dutch lo-fi, viking-infused black metal. Fuzzed-out guitars, vicious screams, and epic, multi-tracked singing, held together by warm, blown-out analogue production.

Track listing:
1. Oskorei
2. Walburga's Nacht
3. Verdoem Al 't Christelijk Leven
4. Laatste Dagen Van Een Oud Pantheon
5. Wodans Zonen
6. Liederen Van Het Onterfde Land

Riding on the wings of the wind
Towards the spectral blaze ahead

More along these lines:
Countess -
The Shining Swords of Hate (2000)
Spitehowling -
Born to Die for Evil (2002)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hollow Earth - Dog Days of the Holocaust (1996)

Yen Pox - Yen Pox (1993)

Pure, anti-musical dark ambient. Hollow, monolithic drones from the end of our world.

Track listing:
1. Floor of Hell
2. Scrawled in Blood
3. Rape Machine
4. Whispers of Hatred
5. Probe

Death! Death! Death!

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Copula (1994)
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In the Nursery - When Cherished Dreams Come True (1983)

English post-punk. Sonically sparse and compositionally minimal, with vocals evoking emptiness and isolation. Very different from the industrial-based sounds they'd pursue from here on out.

Track listing:
1. Patter
2. Atoi
3. Mystery
4. Remain
5. Stonesouls
6. Execution's Romance

Where is the pleasure?

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Burnt Orchids (1985)
Fliehende Stürme -
Hinter Masken (1999)

Pestnebel - In den Schwarzen Abgründen der Ewigkeit (2003)

German black metal. Classic second-wave-style BM played fast and raw, with killer, delay-heavy vocals, and an occasional keyboard to keep things spicy.

Track listing:
1. Aus den Nebeln der Ewigkeit - In den Schatten des Winters
2. Darkness Is My Fate
3. The Goddess and the Blackstorm
4. Grabeskräfte
5. Goatspawn Incantation
6. Descent to the Fogrealm
7. König Pest
8. Sunset Over the Ocean of Melancholia

Carriers of misery

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... His Majesty (2000)
Hautakiammio - Kukaan Ei
Opasta Teitä Pimeässä

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Intrusion - The Seduction of Silence (2009)

Spacious dub techno from American producer Stephen Hitchell. A soothingly immersive sound-world for complete detachment and regeneration.

Track listing:
1. Montego Bay
2. Angel Version
3. Tswana Dub
4. Intrusion Dub
5. Seduction
6. Reflection
7. Twilight
8. A Night to Remember
9. Little Angel
10. Under the Ocean

If I belong then I'll be longer than expected

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium - A Era do Abutre (1995)

Portuguese black metal. Primitive, first-wave-influenced annihilation.

Track listing:
1. Abadia do Fogo Negro
2. Herança de Outono
3. Inverno, Trono Inverno
4. A Era do Abutre

Stabbing pleasure

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Mikami Kan - 三上寛の世界 (1971)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Mikami Kan - ひらく夢などあるじゃなし 三上寛怨歌集 (1972)

Sparse, goosebump-inspiring Japanese folk rock. Kan's first solo album, 三上寛の世界 (which I believe translates to "The World of Mikami Kan") consists almost entirely of Kan's remarkable, expressive singing accompanied by a lone, plaintive acoustic guitar. It's a true testament to the power of Kan's voice that someone who does not understand Japanese can find his music so emotionally compelling.

Track listing:
1. 馬鹿ぶし
2. ものな子守歌
3. カラス
4. 数珠の玉切れる日に
5. おど
6. なぜ
7. ピストル魔の少年
8. 木
9. 黒い小さな貨物列車
10. 小便だらけの湖
11. 夢は夜ひらく

I was watching on the day she died

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Tim Hollier (1970)
Loren Mazzacane & Kath Bloom -
Sing the Children Over (1982)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Totalitär - Sin Egen Motståndare (1994)

Classic Swedish hardcore/d-beat. Inarguably one of the greatest hardcore records ever made. Music writing is bullshit.

Track listing:
1. Sin Egen Motståndare
2. Döda Döda för Inre Frid
3. Slut Som Människa
4. Vägen Till Ända
5. Allt Är Inom Dig
6. Tvingad in I Livet
7. Slagen Av Sanning
8. Jakten På Budskap
9.Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Stockholm
10. Vart Tog Pengarna Vägen?
11. Slit Ner Hälsan
12. Hårda Kast
13. På Väg Mot Mål
14. Välj Min Lögn
15. Väck Mig Nu!
16. Skallra for Döden
17. Stoppa Produktionen
18. Framtidsplaner

Life under the bomb

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+ Destroy Future Less System (2014)

AIR - Music for Museum (2014)

Gorgeous ambient instrumentals by French duo AIR. Recorded as part of an exhibit in the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, Music for Museum is a positively sublime album -- easily my favorite of theirs since Talkie Walkie -- and since it's thus far only been released in a one-time vinyl pressing of a thousand copies, I'd pretty much be in dereliction of duty if I failed to post it here.

Track listing:
1. Land Me
2. Reverse Bubble
3. The Dream of Yi
4. Angel Palace
5. Art Tatoo
6. Kiss Volcano
7. Integration Disintegration
8. Octogum
9. North Cloud

How does it make you feel?

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Andy Partridge & Harold Budd -
Through the Hill (1994)
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FRKWYS 7 (2011)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Drear - Promo 2007 (2008)

Excellent English blackened doom. Dissonant and oppressively layered, with just the right mix of ethereality and crushing heaviness. I've always held this three-song promo in extremely high regard, and have been wanting to post it ever since I started this dumb blog, but all I've ever had was a low-bitrate rip that I got off of Soulseek like 10 years ago. That all changed just now, though, when I discovered that they have a bandcamp where everything is free. And -- who woulda thunk it -- it's even better when it doesn't sound like complete ass! Stoked.

Don't ask me why it's called "Promo 2007" but came out in 2008. Take it up with them.

Track listing:
1. They Try to Emulate the Clouds
2. Dismal Autumn Skies on an Anglian Eve
3. Penmount Crematorium

It brings rust

2008 was a great year for blackened doom:
Abyssmal Sorrow -
Lament (2008)
Dictator -
Dysangelist (2008)

Kosmos - Kосмос (1996)

Ø - Tulkinta (1997)
Mika Vainio - Onko (1997)

A one-off EP of atmospheric electronic vibes from a Finnish duo. Hovers between downtempo and slightly more energetic, minimal tech-house territory, with a sense of restlessness and unease just below the surface.

Track listing:
1. Syvakosmo
2. Tetris
3. Lunatetris
4. Kosmoska

Illusion of space

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My Little Yoni (1994)
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Atrax Morgue - Spasmosynthetics (1997)

Creepy, deranged noise from sadly deceased Italian musician Marco Corbelli. A deeply unsettling, psychologically taxing album full of blown-out synth, distorted screams, high-end feedback, and other objectively unpleasant sounds, vomited into existence via improvisation on Halloween, 1997.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Once More
3. A Quiet Night of Murder
4. Symphonie Morgue #12
5. I've No Idea What I'm Going to Do

Last orgasm before death

Similarly harsh listening:
Schloss Tegal -
The Grand Guignol (1993)
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Ejaculation Generater (1996)